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Becasue we don't want to let our team down

TNSTRONG stands for "Tennessee Stop Tobacco and Revolutionize Our New Generation" and is working to raise awareness about the harms caused by all kinds of nicotine products, prevent youth initiation of their use, and provide support to youth who would like to stop using nicotine products. Tennessee Department of Health is excited about this new opportunity to connect with middle school and high school sports teams and encourage the teams to take a pledge to be Nicotine-free.  

The Tennessee Department of Health and TNSTORNG are excited to announce that this generation is one step closer to "Striking Out Tobacco" and being the first generation to be nicotine-free. Middle and high school baseball and softball teams across the state of Tennessee are taking the pledge to be nicotine-free! Will your team be the next team to take the pledge? 

If you would like more information about being the next baseball or softball team, send us an email at Please include your name, the name of your school, and the county where you live. 


Tobacco-Free Baseball 

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Tobacco-Free Softball

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The Tennessee Department of Health and TNSTRONG  are proud to present Crockett County as the first team to take the Tobacco-Free Pledge. 


West High School Softball Team


The Tennessee Department of Health and TNSTRONG are proud to present West High School as the first softball team to take the Tobacco-Free Pledge. 

Tobacco-Free Baseball Teams

Tobacco-Free Softball Teams