For further information about different TennCare coverage options, please click here to visit the TennCare website.  If you wish to sign up for TennCare Connect, please click here and you can create a TennCare Connect account.  TennCare Connect allows you to sign up for TennCare yourself and to manage your TennCare applications and coverage. 


The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is a program designed to provide food assistance and Nutrional education to pregnant individuals, parents, and children under 5.  WIC also provides referrals to other health programs.  Please click here to access the WIC homepage for more information. 


The Tennessee Breast and Cervical Screening Program is designed to give low-income individuals access to early screening and detection of breast and/or cervical cancer.  The earlier the detection, the better the outcomes for the patient. Please click here to access the TBCSP homepage for more information and to see eligibility for the program. For additional information about breast cancer, please go to the CDC website about breast cancer here.  For additional information about cervical cancer, please go to the CDC website about cervical cancer here.

Local Health Department

Local health departments maintain a list of resources available to pregnant individuals in each county or region.  In addition to signing up at your local health department, ask if the health department has a resource list available.  Please click here to find your local health department to enroll in Presumptive Eligibility and find local resources available to you.  For additional information about pregnancy, please go to the CDC website about pregnancy here.