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Primary Prevention Initiative

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, primary prevention is designed to prevent a disease or condition, from occurring in the first place.

The Primary Prevention Initiative (PPI) was established by the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) Commissioner Dr. John J. Dreyzehner in August, 2012. The goal of PPI is to focus the Department’s energy on primary prevention, engaging all TDH employees’ efforts in eliminating risk factors for later health problems within their own communities. TDH employee teams are multidisciplinary and include clerical, nursing, clinical, and administrative staff. Topics and activities vary from county to county, depending upon the needs in the community.

PPI was rolled out statewide in January 2013. Initially there were six topics from which to choose; Tobacco Use Prevention and Control, Obesity Prevention, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Infant Mortality, Substance Use and Abuse, and Immunizations. Additional topics have been added including Healthcare Associated Infections, Suicide Prevention and Occupational Injuries. As of September, 2014 there were 735 projects that have been initiated with 386 completed in a total of 95 counties.

Resources for PPI Teams

  • PPI Modules - introductory toolkits containing information for teams starting a PPI project
  • PPI Bright Spots - examples of successful PPI activities from communities across Tennessee