What is Living Well with Chronic Conditions?


The Living Well with Chronic Conditions, Take Charge of Your Diabetes and Cancer: Thriving and Surviving Self-Management programs are licensed programs of the Self-Management Resource Center (SMRC).

For complete information about licensing, policies, fee schedules, and the Self-Management Resource Center license application, see: SMRC: Licensing Procedures and Policies.

Overview of Requirements and Fees

·  The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) is a licensed program of  the Self-Management Resource Center, and the Self-Management Resource Center retains 0wnership of the copyright to the program.

·  Leaders agree that they will not alter the program.

·  Agencies or organizations offering CDSMP must obtain a license before being trained.

·  A 3-year multi-program license from Self-Management Resource Center is $1500 for organizations that will offer up to 100 workshops and six leader trainings per year.

·  For those who find the licensing fee to be a barrier, there are two options:

1. Organizations can e-mail the Self-Management Resource Center at

licensing@selfmanagementresource.com to request a reduced license fee, OR

2. They can work with another organization that is already licensed.

Licensed Tennessee Organizations

·  Get more information about organizations in Tennessee currently licensed to offer the Self-Management Resource Center Programs.

Self-Management Resource Center Listing of Licensed Organizations

Get more information about organizations currently licensed to offer Self-Management Programs.  Go to Evidence-Based Leadership Council: Chronic Disease and Medication Management. Search by zip code to find the self-management program nearest you.  The directory includes both U.S. and international programs.