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Training Living Well Leaders and Master Trainers

There are more than 300 Living Well with Chronic Conditions Leaders in Tennessee and more than 10 Master Trainers in Tennessee.

All Leaders and Master Trainers must complete a full 4-day training to become certified as a Leader.  Participants must attend the full training and facilitate a program to become a Leader.

Two trained Leaders are required to lead chronic disease self-management programs.

It is strongly recommended that Leaders are individuals living with a chronic condition, and at least one individual be a peer or lay Leader, rather than a health or social service professional. 

It is also very helpful if Leaders have attended a chronic disease self-management program as a participant prior to being trained.

Find a Leader Training

Leader training for Living Well with Chronic Conditions is available regularly in Tennessee.  There are also opportunities to receive Leader training for the Take Charge of Your Diabetes and Cancer: Thriving and Surviving Self-Management Program.

The majority of Leader trainings are currently offered through several Training Centers throughout the state, although some organizations offer their own Leader trainings.  Contact the local or regional health departments or UT Extension: Living Well with Chronic Conditions for upcoming trainings.

What organizational commitment is required?

Since two trained Leaders are required to lead programs, it is recommended that organizational teams send two to four individuals to a 4-day Leader training.  The team should include at least one paid staff person who can handle program promotion and logistics in addition to leading programs, and one peer or lay volunteer.
Organizations sending participants to a Leader training are committing to the initial 4 days of training, plus the time for coordinating and providing at least 1 six-week community programs within the following 12 months.  Potential costs include participant books, relaxation CDs and program licensing.

For Trainer certification issues or questions, please contact the Self-Management Resource Center at