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Ten Tips for Building and Growing a Health Ministry

These ten tips are only suggestions for building a health ministry in your congregation. Please change these suggestions to fit what works for your congregation.

  1. Meet with your congregational leader to get permission to begin a health ministry. Get approvals from the leadership and the congregation.
  2. Give the congregation the “Congregational Health Ministry Survey” to find out the health concerns in your congregation. Give faith leaders the "Rate Your Energy" survey. Once you know the results of the survey you will be able to focus on those areas that are most important to your members. Also, your leaders will know where they can improve their health habits.
  3. Give the members health facts or include the health facts in your announcements or bulletins. The health facts will let the members know how important it is to begin working on healthier living. 
  4. Report to the congregation the results of the Survey.  
  5. Form a Wellness Team to plan the next steps for classes, programs, or activities that will provide information about one of the most important areas from the Survey. Include all age levels in the planning of programs. 
  6. Refer to the Resources link on this website for organizations that can help you address the health concerns you discovered in the Survey. 
  7. Contact the Tennessee Department of Health Faith Based Initiatives office for assistance in developing events and planning a health ministry. 
  8. Collect educational materials from health organizations  to place in an area where they can be read by all congregation members. Some places might be your Fellowship Hall, the Activity Center, or the Narthex.
  9. Report to the congregation the activities planned by the Wellness Team. Get feedback from the congregation so your activities will encourage everyone to participate. 
  10. Have a “Kick-Off Celebration” for your Health Ministry. Provide prizes for those beginning an exercise program, eating “Five-A-Day” (fruits and vegetables), or getting their routine health screenings (prostate, breast and cervical, colon). Think about checking blood pressures weekly for your members. 

Celebrate all steps your congregation takes to have better health.