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How to Start and Grow a Health Ministry

The Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives offers many tools and resources for health ministries. The tools listed below focus on starting a health ministry and growing it into a ministry that will yield healthy practices that will last generations.

What is a Health Ministry?

A health ministry is a recognized team of people who sponsor regular educational events and experiences that promote well-being. The health team may also provide opportunities for the congregation to have their health concerns answered through surveys, holding regular health team meetings that are open to the congregation, or a Suggestion Box displayed in a prominent place in a common area.

Whether you have a formal health ministry or not, your congregation may already have activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle. You may: educate your congregation on health through speakers, maintain a community garden, host an annual health fair; provide opportunities for physical activity, include health messages in your bulletin; have a faith community nurse; provide transportation to the doctor for your elderly members; or have literature posted in a common area on a health issue.

The C.U.R.E. Model for building a health ministry provides an outline that is fully customizable to the needs of a congregations health team. It provides a basic guide to building your health minstry from the ground up.

To become a champ church

These ten tips are only suggestions for building a health ministry in your congregation. Please change these suggestions to fit what works for your congregation.

The Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives can provide speakers on many topics for your congregation or group.
Faith Based Initiatives can provide speakers on the following topics:

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If you need a speaker on one of these topics or if your interest is not listed, please call (615) 253-2211, and we will put you in touch with an individual who best suits your needs. Most speakers do not charge for their services.

Walk and Talk program is a simple way to start a health ministry in your congregation or organization. It’s inexpensive, requires very little equipment or preparation, and it can be done both indoors and outdoors throughout the year. Plus, it can be a great time for fellowship.

This survey can be given to the congregation identify health needs and interest of congregation members, introduce new ideas, and discover additional resources for you congregation's health ministry.

This survey was created to demonstrate how the health ministries and programs have made a difference in the lives of the faithful. It is a tool to measure small changes.