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Information from TN Dept of Health about the Ongoing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Competencies and Goals


  • Ensure populations with health disparities are included in health promotion activities through use of effective outreach approaches and partnerships. 
  • Assist programs and communities to form messages, materials and interventions that reflect an appropriate understanding of cultural and linguistic needs, values and beliefs that address disparities.
  •  Encourage partnerships that promote understanding and use of population health focus in   health and health-related policy development and solutions.
  •  Facilitate civic engagement to encourage dialog about concerns of communities and populations with high burdens of morbidity and mortality and government roles in addressing disparities.
  • Improve data collection, reporting and use of quantitative and qualitative data about health disparities.
  • Promote outreach and programming strategies that target and reach people and communities with the greatest needs.
  • Encourage academic institutions to provide student-learning opportunities about health disparities and literacy among racial and ethnic populations.


  • Facilitate coalitions directed toward healthy communities
  • Support recruitment and retention of minority health professionals
  • Promote policies that improve minority health
  • Emphasize improvement and focus of minority health research data
  • Development and allocation of resources for health programs
  • Encourage recognition of health issues of special populations not traditionally considered; including the elderly, men, poor and underserved
  • Monitor legislative activity on issues with direct impact on minority health
  • Collaborate with established associations to enhance minority health initiatives ( i.e. diabetes, cancer, social determinants of health, and rural health 


  • Provide leadership, technical consultation and develop initiatives on minority health and disparities elimination at the state and local level
  • Publish educational material and relevant reports:
    • Narrowing the Gap (health status in TN)
    • Health promotion information targeting disparate populations
  • Maintain active information and data resources
  • Collaborating with internal divisions, programs and projects to incorporate special population health issues:
  • Support through active engagement with local, state and national activities that emphasize health promotion in the lifestyles of all Tennesseans; including breast and cervical cancers, heart disease, environment health, cultural coalitions (i.e. Hispanics and Native Americans immunizations ), diabetes, tobacco usage, violence; maternal, child and family health.
  • Provide internship opportunities for aspiring health care professionals (