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Information from TN Dept of Health about the Ongoing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Long Term Care Facility Data

Facilities with > 1 COVID Cases

Resident COVID Cases Resident Deaths Staff COVID Cases
342 2,316 335 2,100

Long term care facilities in counties below the threshold (an average of ≤10 new cases per 100,000 over the last 14 days) may consider allowing visitors. This threshold for acceptable disease transmission within the community may be adjusted in the future as we learn more. Counties with significant numbers of incarcerated cases affecting their recent rates are subject to review. 

The list below includes any nursing homes, assisted care living facilities and residential homes for the aged which are licensed by the Tennessee Department of Health and have had two or more confirmed COVID-19 cases among residents and/or staff members within two incubation periods (or 28 days). Cases will be attributed to the facility or setting where the patient was located five days prior to symptom onset date or specimen collection date (if asymptomatic). Facilities will be removed from the list once the cluster is closed and no longer active. A cluster is closed once 28 days have passed since the last exposure to a case within the facility [example calendar]. This list is updated weekly on Fridays.

Resident census is the number of residents in the facility at the time that the cluster was identified.  Residents recovered is the number of initial COVID-positive residents who remained at the facility and recovered.  Those residents who were discharged or transported to another facility are not included in recovery numbers.

Resident COVID Cases and Staff COVID Cases include confirmed and probable cases.

Facility Type Facility Name Facility Street Facility City Facility County Resident Census Resident COVID Cases Resident Deaths Residents Recovered Staff COVID Cases