Stewart Lyman


Stewart Lyman, PhD, is a scientist with a long career in cancer research. He is also a cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with HPV+ tonsil cancer in 2016. He was successfully treated with surgery and recently passed his five year survival milestone. He created the website as a way of giving back to other patients who have been diagnosed with HPV-caused cancers. It's a comprehensive resource for not only patients and their caregivers, but also doctors, nurses, dentists, researchers, and parents wondering if they should vaccinate their kids against HPV. Stewart explains that the HPV vaccine wasn’t around when he was a kid, and he's happy to serve as a vaccine advocate to try to make sure that others don’t have to go through what he and thousands of other people have had to endure. As he likes to say, “cancer prevention always beats cancer treatment!”

I think my website is the most comprehensive site online about all things related to HPV and the HPV vaccine. I hope people will check it out.