Tennessee Interactive Site-Specific Investigations Map

Environmental Site investigations in which the Environmental Epidemiology Program has been involved.  We mapped the location of the site, along with the locations of schools, hospitals, childcare, nursing homes, and social vulnerability index within one-quarter, one-half, and one mile from the site.  The social vulnerability index rates census tracts near the site based on fourteen social factors.

Navigation of the map:

  • You can click and drag the map to a desired location
  • The wheel of your mouse will zoom in and out
  • An address locator is provided at the top left of the map frame. Click the drop down and select “TN County Boundary” here. You can select a county to zoom into.
  • Toggle the map legend on and off using the legend button.
  • To see a specific layer or layers, simply check the layer button to display its content.
  • Navigation buttons allow you to zoom in and zoom out of the map and display an area of interest. Home button will allow you to view the full map extent.
  • An identify tool is available. Select this to see information about the map.
  • To see the information on features first zoom in and click that feature to open the pop-up window and explore a more detailed picture of hazardous site.

Click here for metadata document.

Click here to view full size map.