Radon Data

The short-term indoor air radon test results data are shown as radon test results aggregated by county and zip code.  All testing was done voluntarily, not at random.  All test results were from do-it-yourself test kits conducted by homeowners or radon measurement professionals.  The TN Radon Program cannot verify the validity of the testing protocols or the physical locations where the test was reported to have been conducted.

Navigation of the map:

  • You can click and drag the map to a desired location
  • The wheel of your mouse will zoom in and out
  • An address locator is provided at the top left of the map frame.  Click the drop down and select “TN County Boundary” here.  You can select a county to zoom into.
  • Toggle the map legend on and off using the legend button.
  • To see a specific layer or layers, simply check the layer button to display its content.
  • Navigation buttons allow you to zoom in and zoom out of the map and display an area of interest.  Home button  will allow you to view the full map extent.
  • An identify tool is available. Select this to see information about the map.
  • To see the information on features first zoom in and click that feature to open the pop-up window and explore more detailed information.

The data displayed is NOT to be used as a measure of predicting whether an untested home does or does not have radon.  The TN Radon Program supports the standing of the US Environmental Protection Agency that every home should be tested in order to know that home’s radon level.  In zip codes with few radon results, there is low confidence that the reported average is representative of radon levels in that area.  This map is only for informational purposes only.

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