Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions respond to the most common user questions we received.

Who may use the data?

All data are considered open and free to use.  Policy makers, researchers, community advocates, and health councils are encouraged to use the data.  Data may not be sold, repackaged, or reproduced by others without express written consent.

How do I cite information from the TDH Health Data Website?

The suggested citation for data or information from the Tennessee Health Data Website in general is:

Tennessee Department of Health. TN Health Data Website. Retrieved on [date of access].

If you are using data from a specific topic area or report, please use the following citation:

Tennessee Department of Health. TN Health Data Website. Title of report or specific page [web address of specific page]. Retrieved on [date of access].

What are NCDMs?

The CDC publishes Standards for Nationally Consistent Data and Measures within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Envionmental Public Health Tracking Netowrk. The purpose of NCDMs was to develop standardized data and measures for understanding the impact of our environment on our health. Use of the NCDMs allows for comparison of like datasets within the National EPHT Network.  Download the April 2017 NCDMs here  .

What are metadata?

Metadata are "data about data." Metadata describe the content, quality, and context of a dataset and provide links to additional information such as quality assurance documents and data dictionaries. The TN Health Data Website contains metadata records for datasets used to create Nationally Consistent Data Measures, or NCDMs. These are indicators maintained in a consistent manner by partners in the Environmental Public Health Tracking Network.

What are ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-10 Mortality codes?

Cause of Death, Hospital Discharge, and Emergency Department Visit data are classified using ICD diagnosis codes. International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is a system of diagnostic codes for classifying diseases. It is published by the World Health Organization, and used world-wide for morbidity and mortality statistics, and reimbursement systems.

What other data does the Tennessee Department of Health hold?

The Tennessee Department of Health maintains datasets of various types of health-related information. Not all data are available for release to the public.  Some datasets may contain confidential of HIPAA protected information.

What is a bite, snack, and meal?

Tennessee Health Data is intended for multiple audiences, including the general public, policy makers, and local public health partners. Because of multiple audience needs, data are presented as ‘bites’, ‘snacks’, and ‘meals’.

  • Bite: A single quick piece of information.
  • Snack: An easy-to-read graph or chart that may be slightly customizable.
  • Meal: An interactive page that presents data from a single topic area as tables, charts, and maps. Users can filter and select certain options, and modify the tables and charts.