Reproduction and Births in Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Health Vital Records program records around __,000 births in the state annually. The health and social environments in which these births occur can impact health and development across the lifespan.

While most women have a normal term pregnancy and deliver a healthy Infant, a safe and healthy pregnancy is not experienced by all women.  Genetic, behavioral, social and environmental factors can affect reproduction and birth, from pre-conception to the post-partum period.  The influence and interaction of these factors is complex, and there is still much we do not know.

This section provides an overview of births in Tennessee, including outcomes that can be influenced by social and environmental factors.  In order to better understand the role that environmental exposures play in reproductive and infant health problems, the National Tracking Network collects and displays data on reproductive and birth outcomes including fertility and infertility, premature birth, infant deaths, birth weight and sex ratio.  The Tennessee Department of Health has added additional data to provide a more complete picture of reproduction and births in Tennessee.