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Tennesseans 16+: Now Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine
Commitment to Accessibility

State Building Entry Procedures

In keeping with the recommendations of Task Force Reimagine and with operations updates issued on May 22 by the Department of Human Resources, here are some guidelines to help state employees and visitors in state buildings.

Temperature checks.  As announced, employees and visitors in state buildings must undergo temperature checks with a contactless thermometer as part of COVID-19 screening procedures.  These checks must be conducted every time you enter a state building.  If you enter one state building, then go to another, and then return to the first building, you must have a temperature check each time.

Save time with online screening.  You can complete an online questionnaire at  to save time when you enter a state building.  The questionnaire is good for 12 hours, so must be completed only once a day.  If you can’t complete the questionnaire online, you will be asked the questions in person before you can enter the building.

Anyone entering a state building must always wear some type of face covering or mask in public areas.  Social distancing guidelines (stay at least six feet from other people) should be followed at all times.  Visitors to state buildings may be asked to remove masks to receive certain services (such as driver’s license photos).

Arrive early for work or for appointments.  Although state buildings are not crowded, screening procedures will lengthen the amount of time required to enter buildings.  Allow yourself plenty of time to complete screening and get to your destination.

Look for directional and informational signs inside buildings.  New wayfinding signs and other new instructional signs related to COVID-19 will be in use in some areas.

Some employee-only entrances to state buildings may be closed.  If the entrance you normally use is closed, please use a public entrance to complete your screening and enter the building.

Outside of regular state working hours, state agencies and employees are responsible for maintaining compliance with the above guidelines.  Facilities staff will not be providing these services after hours.  Consult your supervisor if you have questions about after-hours work.