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Find COVID-19 Information and Resources
Commitment to Accessibility

COVID-19 has severely disrupted our economy. We recognize the extraordinary burden the pandemic has place on Tennessee companies, particularly on small businesses.

Gov. Lee has created the Economic Recovery Group to develop a plan for a phased reopening of the state’s economy. The Economic Recovery Group will issue industry-specific guidance so that businesses can operate safely and protect their employees and customers.

Resources for Tennessee’s startups and small businesses to reference during the COVID-19 outbreak can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses can apply for low-interest loans with the Small Business Administration here.

The Tennessee Department of Labor is awaiting additional federal guidance on the implementation of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits, including the extra $600/week and benefits for Self-Employed and 1099 workers. These workers should file their claims, even if they receive a “monetarily ineligible” notice at Benefits will be dispersed once federal guidance is obtained.

The filing deadline for franchise and excise taxes, Hall taxes, state, and city business taxes and professional privilege taxes have been extended. Additional information can be found here.

Questions about COVID-19? Visit our FAQ page or send a message to Governor Lee's Constituent Services team. 

NOTE: Please refrain from sending personal health records or other protected medical information to the Governor’s Office. Concerns or questions regarding the federal government or federal matters are best referred to the appropriate federal officeholder. Additionally, please note that the Governor's Office cannot assist constituents with legal matters or intervene on their behalf in judicial or law enforcement matters.