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For Parents

Welcome parents! As a parent, you are an integral part of your child’s education.  The State of Tennessee has developed a number of resources to help your student get to college and provide you with insight into the college-going process. We encourage you to check out all of the resources available to you on, Tennessee's one-stop college information web portal. The website includes a section with tools just for parents. 

Below, we also have some additional resources that we hope will be helpful in your search for college knowledge and that they assist you in your college trajectory.

NEXT Guides: Tennessee Guidebooks for Seniors and Sophomores

Designed for sophomores and seniors across the state of Tennessee, the Next Guides are a resource to help students prepare for what’s “next” after high school graduation. Whether a student plans to enroll in a technical school, community college or university, join the military, or enter the workforce, the Next Guides containsresources that can help make those postsecondary goals a reality.\\

Resources from Federal Student Aid/FAFSA

Additional College-Going Resources from the State of Tennessee


​CollegePaysTN is the financial aid website for the State of Tennessee. Administered by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation, CollegePaysTN has all of the information you need about Tennessee student aid, including state-based scholarships and grants, such as the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (TELS) and the Tennessee Student Assistance Award (TSAA). You can also find the Tennessee Student Financial Aid Portal through College Pays; the Portal is where you can find personalized information about your student's financial aid status for state-based funds, such as the Dual Enrollment Grant, the HOPE scholarship, and Tennessee Promise.

Tennessee Promise

Tennessee Promise is a financial aid program offering Tennessee high school graduates two years of tuition-free community or technical college beginning with the Class of 2015. The program provides eligible students a last-dollar scholarship. While removing students’ financial burden is key, a critical component of Tennessee Promise is the individual guidance each participant will receive from a mentor as the student enters higher education. Local partnering organizations will ensure that all Tennessee Promise students have a mentor.

Tennessee Reconnect

Tennessee Reconnect helps adults enter higher education so that they may gain new skills, advance in the workplace, and fulfill lifelong dreams of completing a degree or credential. Through the Tennessee Reconnect grant, adults may attend a Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) or earn and associate degree at a Tennessee community college, free of tuition and mandatory fees. allows parents, mentors, and guardians with an opportunity to support every students' career and college aspirations.  When parents create an account, students can then invite adults to view their students' portfolio on a read-only basis.  Now, parents can see what their students aspire to become and see the results of their career inventories and skills assessments, as they relate to college and career aspirations.