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COVID-19 Campus & Financial Aid Information

Education Resources for School Closures

THEC is closely monitoring the evolving situation of COVID-19. As always, the safety and health of our employees and students are our highest priority. We will continue to evaluate the situation along with higher education partners, the Governor's Office, and the Tennessee Department of Health.

The CDC recommends taking simple steps to avoid catching or spreading respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. These include covering your cough or sneeze, disinfecting commonly used surfaces, and thoroughly washing or sanitizing your hands. Call your doctor and stay home if you are sick.

Get more information at The CDC has also provided information for administrators of higher education.  

Please check out the Tennessee Higher Education Commission's COVID-19 resources page.  

Free Educator Resources from around the web.  

Math Resources

·         Khan Academy, (All Grades)

·         Curricki, (High school)

·         Funbrain, (Grades K-8)

·         Prodigy, (Grades 1-8)

·         Math Playground, (Grades 1-6)

·         Splash Learn, (Grades K-5)

·         Math Game Time, (Preschool-7th)


·         ·Book Creator (Grades 3-12)

·         Adapted Mind (Grades 1-6)

·         Classroom Secrets (Grades K-4)

·         Mrs. S. ELA resources (Grades 9-12)

·         Perfectly Pre-K Blog (Preschool)

·         Storyline Online (Grades K-4)

·         Get Epic (Ages 0-12)

·         Flamingo Rampant (Ages 0-5)

Foreign Languages

·         Duolingo (All Grades)

·         Conjuegomos  (All Grades)

Social Studies/History

·          PBS Learning Media (All Grades)

·          Khan Academy (High School)

·         Crash Course (High School)

·         Nat Geo Kids (Grades 3-7)

·          Google Earth (Grades 4-8)

·         Time for Kids (Grades K-


·         Science Printables (Grades 6-8)

·         Toca Boca (Grades K-5)

·         Khan Academy (High School)

·         ED Heads (Grades 2-12)

·         Periodic Videos (High School)

·         NASA Kids Club (Grades K-4)

·         NASA STEM Engage (Grades K-12)

·         Scratch Coding (Grades 3-12)

·         How Stuff Works (Grades 6-12)

Arts and Culture

·         Mati & Dada, (Ages 3-9)

·         Google Arts & Culture (Grades 4-12)

·         Museums Virtual Tours (All Grades)