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COVID-19 Campus & Financial Aid Information

Resources For:

Click on the link that best describes your role.

School Closures- Are you searching for ways to stay updated about college and career success while you are stuck at home, social distancing?  Check out this list of great resources to help you prepare while schools, colleges, and universities are also closed down.  

Student: Are you a middle school, high school, or college student? Find resources here for assisting you in the path to college. 

Parents: Do you have a student that is hoping to go to college in the future or is currently in college? Visit the Parents page to find resources to help your family get your student to college.

Educator: Do you work with high school or middle school students and assist them with plans for college? Visit the Educators page for links lots of free resources to help get your students to college.

GEAR UP TN Site Coordinators: This section is for the GEAR UP TN site coordinators who administer the GEAR UP TN grant. Please note that GEAR UP 2012 and GEAR UP 2017 site coordinators have different forms.