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College Fit Game

For use with Middle School and High School students, the College Fit Game is an interactive activity designed to teach students the importance of considering a variety of academic, social, and financial factors when selecting a college. In the game, students are presented with information about 7 fictional colleges that are representative of public and private universities, community colleges, and TCATs in Tennessee. In a series of 4 rounds, students will draw academic, social and financial attributes (ex-You graduated in the top 25% of your class). Using those attributes, students will select a college that is the best “fit” for them. After each round, students will have the opportunity to stay at their selected college or move to a new college based on the information in the new attribute they have drawn.
Throughout the game, students are asked to share about their decision process and reflect on their choices.All of the materials required to play the game, including detailed instructions, links to resources to teach students about college fit, scenario sheets, and signs with information about each of the seven colleges, are provided below:
  1. Instructions
  2. Key Terms
  3. Scenarios
  4. College One Pager
  5. School Sign