College Signing Day

Target Audience: This event is designed to celebrate high school seniors and their college decisions, but we encourage communities to involve students from all grade levels in the festivities.

Timeline: May (individual schools may elect to hold their event in April or June if it better fits their school’s calendar)

About this Event: College Signing Day is a statewide event sponsored by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. High schools are encouraged to devote one day in the spring to celebrate their seniors who are continuing on to postsecondary education. The highlight of this day is often a school-wide assembly or pep rally where each senior’s college choice (college is defined as any type of formal postsecondary training) is announced and celebrated among the school community. The goal of the event is to celebrate and encourage the seniors who are pursuing postsecondary education, while also raising enthusiasm and awareness of college options and attendance among the entire student body.

Students: If you are interested in participating in a College Signing Day, please contact your school counselor for more information.