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Tennessee Base Mapping Project (TNBMP)

A statewide digital orthophotography program in coordination with TN Department of Transportation (TDOT)

Now that the initial data production efforts of the TN Base Mapping Program are complete, the Department of Finance and Administration, STS GIS Services (STS GIS) and the Department of Transportation (TDOT) have agreed to coordinate their respective mapping efforts.  The vision for this effort is to develop a process that allows STS GIS to coordinate with TDOT to support the development of statewide digital orthophotography.  Through this partnership, TDOT will have primary responsibility for project management, base map data development, and data delivery to STS GIS.  STS GIS Services is responsible for enterprise GIS infrastructure development and maintenance of base map data via the TNMap, which will serve as the data access mechanism to the general public and State agencies.

This program updates ortho imagery for a quarter of the state annually. With four regions, TDOT collects 1 foot digital color orthoimagery for the entire state once every four years.

The Tennessee Base Mapping Project (TNBMP) is a statewide digital orthophotography program, conducted in cooperation with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).


Dennis Pedersen

Director of STS GIS Services