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The Tennessee Information for Public Safety (TIPS) Project

Using GIS Data Layers to Benefit the Public Safety Agencies of Tennessee

The Tennessee Information for Public Safety (TIPS) product is a comprehensive dataset that contains various Geographic Information System (GIS) data layers benefiting public safety agencies within state and local government. The core layers in this product are street centerlines, address points, and ESN boundaries. To sustain the long term use of these GIS data layers in a variety of State and local GIS applications, appropriate data maintenance roles and responsibilities must be established. Working with the Tennessee Emergency Communications Board (TECB), STS-GIS Services is under contract to help facilitate the maintenance of the TIPS product. Working with local emergency communication districts and TrueNorth Geographic Technologies, STS-GIS Services will be consuming locally updated geometry and tabular information (street addresses, names, etc.) and integrating these local updates into a single, consolidated and standardized statewide dataset. Moreover, data quality is based on the ability of STS-GIS Services to develop and adhere to specific data maintenance standards. The following documents and links provide more information on the specific street centerline and addressing standards that STS-GIS Services and local districts will use to maintain this statewide database.

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