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Governor's Local Government Support Grants

Gov. Bill Lee, with support of the General Assembly, established the Local Government Support Grants in response to local government needs and impact of COVID-19 in Tennessee.

• Funds will be available after 7/1/2020.
Applications are available here (click link).  Guidance for the applications is provided here.  And, a sample local resolution is provided here.
• Grants are one-time funding and are to be used on one-time expenses. Grant funds for new building construction are not permitted.
• Grant funds will apply only to city and county governments. They are not eligible to be passed through to other entities.

Questions? Check these frequently asked questions.  

• Funding is based on population as published by the US Census Bureau (7/1/2018 data).
• No county will receive less than $500,000 and no city or municipality will receive less than $30,000.
• The three metro governments (Davidson, Trousdale counties) will receive one allocation, whichever is largest.

Permitted Spending Categories
1)  IT hardware upgrades 
2)  Capital maintenance*
3)  Utility system upgrades
4)  Road Projects*
5)  Public safety*
6)  COVID-19 response

* Could include tornado relief projects for Benton, Bradley, Carroll, Davidson, Gibson, Hamilton, Marion, Monroe, Polk, Putnam, Scott, Smith, Unicoi, Washington and Wilson counties.

- Funds will be distributed by F&A as a direct appropriation grant after 7/1/20.
- Applications are to be submitted to F&A for review and approval.
- Required documents:
   1) Application (including budget)
   2) W-9
   3) Resolution passed by the local governing body

Grant Information

Click here for grant details
Click here for county distributions.
Click here for city distributions.

Media Information
Gov. Bill Lee: Local Government Grants Available

Application & Grant Contact
Troy Williamson,
TN Department of Finance and Administration, Budget Office

Reporting Contact:
Bryan Burklin,
TN Comptroller of the Treasury, Division of Local Government Audit


Last updated: May 12, 2020