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Job Aids & Contacts

As the central accounting office for the State, the Division’s Statewide Accounting section audits accounting transactions, processes over 8 million transactions annually, consults with agencies on accounting issues and subsystems, and provides daily and monthly reporting to State agencies. The section also prepares Federal 1099 reporting. Statewide Accounting Section closes the State’s accounting records and issues the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). Tennessee’s CAFR has received the Government Finance Officers Association Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting for the last 30 years.

This list of Job Aids is intended to assist agency fiscal office staff with common transactions and is not intended to be an all-inclusive resource list.

State Asset Management

1099 Reporting Guide

Accounts Payable - Reference Guides on Payments, Vouchers, Terms, and Workflow

Closing Calendars

Commonly Used Edison Queries and Expenditure Accounts

Customer Establishment Instructions

  • Under Construction

Edison Accounts Receivable Write off Procedures

General Ledger Journal Reference Information

Grants Accounting

The Edison Grants Accounting Manual can be referenced by logging into Edison and clicking the Training tab. From there, scroll down to the Grants section and click, "Edison Grants Accounting Manual."

Speedcharts and Chartfields

  • Under Construction

Trial Balance Generation and Review

Supplier Information


General Information:

615-741-7243 or 1-877-944-3873  Payroll Call Center

Statewide Accounting
615-532-5150   General Inquiry

Vendor Maintenance
615-741-9745   (all Vendor Maintenance inquiries)

Division of Accounts Contacts (Internal use only)

Contacts - Internal Use Only