Eligible Felonies

(If you were convicted of one of the felonies listed below and sentenced to imprisonment of 3 years or less and the offense was committed on or after November 1, 1989)

39-11-411 Accessory after the fact;

39-13-306 Custodial interference where person not voluntarily returned by defendant;

39-13-604(c)(2) Knowing dissemination of illegally recorded cellular communication;

39-14-105(2) Theft;

39-14-114(c) Forgery;

39-14-115 Criminal simulation;

39-14-116(c) Hindering secured creditors;

39-14-117(b) Fraud in insolvency;

39-14-118 Fraudulent use of credit or debit card;

39-14-121 Worthless checks;

39-14-130 Destruction of valuable papers;

39-14-131 Destruction or concealment of will;

39-14-133 Fraudulent or false insurance claim;

39-14-137(b) Fraudulent qualifying for set aside programs;

39-14-138 Theft of trade secrets;

39-14-139 Sale of recorded live performances without consent;

39-14-143 Unauthorized solicitation for police, judicial or safety associations;

39-14-147(f) Fraudulent transfer of motor vehicle with value of less than $20,000;

39-14-149 Communication theft (fine only);

39-14-153 Home improvement fraud;

39-14-402 Burglary of an auto;

39-14-408 Vandalism;

39-14-411 Utility service interruption or property damage;

39-14-505 Aggravated criminal littering (2nd & 3rd offenses involving certain weight or volume);

39-14-602 Violation of Tennessee Personal And Commercial Computer Act;

39-14-603 Unsolicited bulk electronic mail;

39-16-201 Taking telecommunication device into penal institution;

39-16-302 Impersonation of licensed professional;

39-16-603 Evading arrest in motor vehicle where no risk to bystanders;

39-16-609(e) Failure to appear (felony);

39-17-106 Gifts of adulterated candy or food;

39-17-417(f) Manufacture, delivery, sale or possession of Schedule V drug (fine not greater than $5,000);

39-17-417(g)(1) Manufacture, delivery, sale or possession of not less than ½ ounce and not more than 10 pounds of Schedule VI drug marijuana (fine not greater than $1,000);

39-17-417(h) Manufacture, delivery, sale or possession of Schedule VII drug (fine not greater than $1,000);

39-17-418(e) Simple possession or casual exchange (3rd offense);

39-17-422(c) Selling glue for unlawful purpose;

39-17-423(c) Counterfeit controlled substance;


(If convicted on or after November 1, 1989, and sentenced for a term of 4 years or less, and it has been at least 10 years since the completion of your sentence)

39-17-425(b)(1-3) Unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities;