Voluntary Program Overview

Our voluntary programs offer opportunities for businesses and individuals to work with our division proactively to investigate and, when necessary, clean up impaired properties. These programs are open to everyone interested in addressing environmental impacts and/or returning properties to beneficial use. Generally, the Voluntary Cleanup, Oversight and Assistance Program (VOAP) is used for sites with hazardous substances, while the State Remediation Program handles cleanups from spill events and petroleum sites.

Through the voluntary programs the Division can offer “innocent parties” an agreement that gives liability protection for real or perceived contamination that is identified and addressed, provides protection for third party contribution, and agreement from the state’s regulatory experts that a property is safe for future uses. 

Both of the voluntary programs have specific processes to mitigate the environmental impacts on contaminated properties. The programs use a risk-based approach to ensure sites are safe for the intended use. Since each site is different, we encourage you to contact us for more information on your path forward:

Contact Evan Spann at Evan.W.Spann@tn.gov or by phone at 615-532-0919 for more information.