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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can participate?

Imagine a Day Without Water is a national campaign hosted by Value of Water Organization. Here in Tennessee, our water partners are coming together to support that vision. Anyone across the state of Tennessee who cares about water and our state’s water infrastructure needs is encouraged to join. We welcome water and wastewater providers and agencies, mayors, local officials, contractors, civil engineers, schools and aquariums to participate in Imagine a Day Without Water. We encourage all those with a water story to tell to join us!

How can I participate? 

Here in Tennessee, the Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) is leading the effort – visit their website at to access Tennessee-specific resources for your organization, including messaging, media release templates and op-eds. TDEC has partnered with The Nature Conservancy of Tennessee and the Tennessee Environmental Educators Network to launch an art contest open to all Tennessee Students. For more information, visit the Student Contest page.

On Imagine a Day Without Water (October 21, 2020) TDEC will launch a StoryMap on their website, an interactive tool which will help tell the story of water across the state. Please be sure to schedule a visit to the StoryMap to learn more about this most precious natural resource and how Tennesseans are protecting and preserving it for the next generation.

For organizations outside the state of Tennessee, visit and go to their sign-up page, enter a few basic pieces of information and you’re in. You will find valuable resources to help you commemorate the day and tell your water story in the community where you live.

What should my organization do for the day? 

We have created three unique opportunities for personal and organizational engagement on Imagine A Day Without Water.

Engage on Social Media – you will find social media resources here, and we encourage you to share the link to TDEC’s StoryMap when it goes live on October 21, 2020. Additionally, if you participate in media relations or the student art or essay contests, remember to share on social media and tag / hashtag #TNH20 #ValueWater

Get Water in the News – Imagine A Day Without Water is a national event, and your local news organizations will be looking for ways to make the story local for your community. You can help them accomplish this goal! Use our media release or op-ed template (Option 1 or Option 2) to get your organization featured to tell your water story. Promote TDEC’s art and essay contests for all Tennessee students to your local schools and support them by sending a media release about the contest. Finally, you can contribute a guest column to your local paper or magazine telling your own water story and calling on all Tennesseans to protect and preserve this valuable resource. Feel free to use our messaging document as your outline.

Bring Imagine A Day Without Water to School…or Zoom – a truly sustainable water future in Tennessee relies on the engagement and education of the next generation of water users. TDEC, The Nature Conservancy of Tennessee and the Environmental Educators’ Network have partnered to sponsor a statewide art and video contest asking students to imagine what a day in their life would look like without water. If your organization has an existing relationship with a local school, encourage them to participate in the contest – students and teachers are eligible for prizes! We have created a model that should work for students who are schooling in the building, as well as remote learners.

No matter how you participate in Imagine A Day Without Water this year, be sure to take photographs and videos of your activities and contributions and share it on social media using #TNH2O and #ValueWater.

What if we want to do something that isn’t on your list of suggestions?

Go for it! We encourage you to participate in whatever way best fits your organization and your community.

What materials do you have that we can use? 

Our Resources page includes social media graphics and customizable templates with Tennessee-specific water details. You will find an op-ed, media release and key messaging details for your organization to use as-is, or to further customize to your community.

Additionally, the national Imagine A Day Without Water campaign has resources with a national perspective, and the Value of Water Campaign toolkit, “What’s the Value of Water?” has another suite of materials including nationally-branded print ads, bill stuffers, and more.

Can we suggest additional materials or assets for next year’s campaign?

Of course! Please send your ideas on what materials would be of help to our TDEC program manager, Elaine Boyd at