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Regulations to Govern Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems

Tennessee Code : Title 68 Health, Safety and Environmental Protection: Chapter 221 Water and Sewerage: Part 4 Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems (NOTE: For best results, click on the above link and do a LexisNexis search for T.C.A. 68-221-401)

Includes the following:

68-221-401. General requirements.
68-221-410. Variances - Hearings - Finality of decision.

Chapter 0400-48-01 - Courtesy of the Secretary of State's Office

Includes information on the following:

0400-48-01-.01 Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems – General

0400-48-01-.02 Definitions

0400-48-01-.03 Subdivisions

0400-48-01-.04 Additional Site Requirements and Limitations for Subdivision Approval and Individual Lots and Issuance of Construction Permit

0400-48-01-.05 Percolation Test Procedures

0400-48-01-.06 Construction Permit

0400-48-01-.07 Design of the Conventional Disposal Field

0400-48-01-.08 Septic Tank Capacity

0400-48-01-.09 Design of Septic Tanks

0400-48-01-.10 Effluent Treatment Devices / Systems

0400-48-01-.11 Location of Septic Tanks, Dosing Chambers and Absorption Fields

0400-48-01-.12 Design of Dosing Systems

0400-48-01-.13 Maintenance of Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems

0400-48-01-.14 Grease Traps

0400-48-01-.15 Alternative Methods of Subsurface Sewage Disposal

0400-48-01-.16 Experimental Methods of Treatment and Disposal Other Than Those Provided in These Regulations

0400-48-01-.17 Privies and Composting Toilets

0400-48-01-.18 Approved Soil Consultants

0400-48-01-.19 Installer of Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems

0400-48-01-.20 Septic Tank Pumping Contractor

0400-48-01-.21 Fees for Services

0400-48-01-.22 Domestic Septage Disposal

0400-48-01-.23 Maintenance Provider for Advanced Treatment Systems and Subsurface Drip Disposal Systems

0400-48-01-.24 Severability