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New Rules

The Division is getting ready to implement the new rules that were adopted as a result of a change in federal regulation. More information regarding this change and resources to assist you in maintaining compliance will be coming  soon. The items that will be added to this page are not final versions of rules, forms or guidance and exist in draft form only. Also they are not printable. The sections below represent the main catagories of items that needed to be modified due to the change in federal regulation.

While the page is still in development, please take a look at our trifold about the new rule updates.

This is the section that will contain the new rules and associated information that you may find helpful. This section is still under development and updates will be made as soon as items are available.  

Item Title              Link                                            Description of information

Current Tennesee Rules 

           Link  This is a link to the current rules governing Underground Storage Tanks in the State of Tennessee as adopted in October 13, 2018

THis section will contain forms that are currently under review and are in draft form only. The forms are being posted for the regulated community and the public to become familiar with the new forms that will be required in the future. Updates to this section will occur when new items are available.

Form Description Form Link Specific Form Instructions
Walkthrough Inspection Form - Draft CN-Draft-WTIF Draft Monthly/Annual Facility Walkthough Inspection Form
Low Level Hydostatic Sump Testing  Form - Draft CN-Draft-LLHST Draft Hydrostatic Testing Form to be used in conjuction with Technical Chapter 3.4

This section will be the future home of the draft versions of the Standardized Inspection Manual Chapters (SIM). The chapters will be made available when they are finished. It is important to note that they are in draft form only and are not in effect. For the SIM chapters that are currently in use, please navigate to the Standardized inspection Process section of our website.

Chapter 2015 SIM (Current) 2021 SIM (Draft Revision) Blueline 2021 SIM (Draft Revision) No Blueline
1-2 Standard Inspection Process Standard Inspection Process - Blueline Standard Inspection Process - No Blueline

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation encourages public participation throughout our processes towards our shared mission of protecting human health and the environment. The DRAFT forms and DRAFT SIM Chapters included on this webpage will have an announced public comment period after ALL DRAFTS are completed. We expect completion in the upcoming months.

However, if you would like to submit public comments before the Division of Underground Storage Tanks has completed all the DRAFTS, please use this link to send your comments in a common format such as Microsoft Word or Adobe pdf, etc. Your comments will be reviewed and addressed after our formal public comment period has ended.

Thank you for helping us make our Forms and Standardized Inspection Manual the most useful for our staff, underground storage tank owners and operators, third party vendors, and all our valued stakeholders.