Resources for Farmers and Agribusinesses

Agriculture and agribusinesses have been a mainstay of the Tennessee economy and way of life. The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program can assist agribusinesses with many aspects of compliance with environmental rules and regulations. However, there are a large number of additional agencies, programs, and organizations that can assist agribusinesses and agriculturists. Services provided include loans, disaster relief, education, training, marketing, supplies, and conservation resources. Below are links to that either go to a web page devoted to links to various programs within a specific assistance provider, or go directly to the web page of that assistance provider.

  • US Department of Agriculture (USDA) - Farm Service Agency: The Farm Service Agency offers loans and incentive programs to help farmers build or maintain their farms and also disaster relief programs/loans for times of severe need.
  • UT Ag Extension: Education, training and information provided by extension agents in each county of the state.
  • Pick TN Products: Pick TN Products connects Tennessee producers with educational, marketing, businesses and funding resources.
  • Sustainability Resources for Industry: Sustainability information from TDEC's Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices. While focused on industry, there are also resources here that can be useful to Agribusinesses. 
  • Tennessee Farm Bureau: Tennessee Farm Bureau is a membership organization led by farmer members for the purpose of providing the best business climate to farm and/or conduct agribusiness in the state.
  • USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS): NRCS is an agency committed to “helping people help the land”—our mission is to provide resources to farmers and landowners to aid them with conservation. Make agriculture sustainable by utilizing conservation Best Management Practices.
  • TN Chamber of Commerce: The Tennessee Chamber serves as the primary voice of diverse business and manufacturing trade interests on major employment and economic issues facing public policy decision-makers in Tennessee. They cover environmental/sustainable practices, economic development, labor laws, education/workforce development, transportation, taxation, workplace safety, workers compensation and trade issues plus much more.