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Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing Company

Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing Company (ELMCO) is a paint and lacquer manufacturing facility that is located at 113 Fort Granger Drive, Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee. In January, 2007, the City of Franklin and TDEC collected samples along Liberty Creek near the facility, in response to citizen complaints of strong odors coming from the creek. Analytical results from the samples confirmed the presence of toluene and acetone in both water and air samples. The Department then initiated emergency response actions to contain these chemicals. Upon further investigation by TDEC, the acetone and toluene were found to be entering Liberty Creek and the Harpeth River through seeps along the banks of the creek and river.

At TDEC’s request, ELMCO conducted an immediate investigation of their above ground solvent storage tank farm and the associated underground pipelines that carried various solvents to the manufacturing facility. On February 28, 2007, the investigation revealed that the toluene and acetone pipelines had been compromised and leaked solvents into the subsurface. ELMCO agreed to assume responsibility for continuing the response efforts at the seeps along Liberty Creek and the Harpeth River, and to initiate further efforts to delineate the extent of contamination in soil and groundwater resulting from the solvent release. The following is a brief summary of the activities that ELMCO has undertaken to address the contamination caused by the facility:

  • Placement of booms and pads along the seeps in Liberty Creek and the Harpeth River to collect any free product.
  • Installation of an interceptor trench, measuring 140‘ by 15‘, along Liberty Creek to intercept the free product before it reaches the creek.
  • Air monitoring to ensure that vapors do not pose a risk.
  • Installation of monitoring wells to delineate contamination and monitor contaminant concentrations.
  • Monthly sampling of seeps along Liberty Creek and the Harpeth River.
  • Delineation and bioremediation of contaminated soils on site.
  • Permanently decommissioned pipeline that transported solvents to the facility.
  • Permanent removal of all above ground storage tanks to be completed by April, 2008.

In accordance with the requirements of a Voluntary Consent Order, entered into between TDEC and Egyptian Lacquer on June 1, 2007, a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) was submitted to TDEC on August 28, 2007. TDEC found the CAP to be deficient, so a revised comprehensive corrective action plan was resubmitted on June 23, 2008.

Below, we are providing links that facilitate public access to specific documents submitted by ELMCO. These documents include analytical results from soil, air, and water sampling events, as well as any work plans that require TDEC approval. As documents come into the Department, they will be posted in a timely manner for public review.

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