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Campus Food Pantry Grant

Campus food pantry photo

Tennessee higher education institutions (TN HEIs) are learning that keeping low-income students in school takes more than just financial aid. Our students, whether new high school graduates or adults, are aspiring to improve their lives by furthering their education. More students than ever before are facing food insecurity which correlates with lower grades and a greater risk for dropout. In order to eradicate the food-barren student, there needs to be a greater quantity of food pantries in TN HEIs, especially with institutions located in distressed counties and/or food desert areas.

Significant opportunities exist to recover unconsumed food, which is often wholesome, for higher and better purposes. TDEC strives to reduce the amount of solid waste disposed of at landfills. Diverting food to feed people is one of the highest and best uses for food that would otherwise go to waste.

TDEC is doing their part to combat both student food insecurity and food waste by offering a Campus Food Pantry Grant opportunity to assist schools with establishing campus food pantries. To be eligible to receive this grant, a portion of the food that the food pantry receives must come from rescued sources  (those sources of food that would have otherwise gone to waste) to demonstrate that the food pantry is diverting food from the waste stream. The expected opening for this grant opportunity is November 1, 2020 and application and grant manual will then be accessible on this page.



Brook Powell

Environmental Scientist
Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices

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