Green Cube

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The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation created the Green Cube program in 2014 for their Central Office and rolled out the program to all eight of their Environmental Field Offices in 2018. A Green Cube is an easily accessible area (usually an empty cubicle) in which employees can bring in items for donation or materials that are difficult to recycle. Each year, the program has been able to divert hundreds of pounds of materials from the landfill by recycling, donating, and reusing items that are normally discarded from offices.

Create Your Own Green Cube

Creating your own Green Cube can be fairly simple. All you need is a plan, along with signage, and resources. Below, we have provided a "Guide to Create a Green Cube for Your Office", along with signage that you can download and use to set your Green Cube.

Guide to Create Your Own Green Cube

Green Cube Signage

E-Waste Recyclers

Find a recycler in your region who accepts E-waste.

Green Cubes are not designed or intended for the collection of any hazardous waste. If your business or household has any items that might be considered hazardous waste, please click here for information on how and where these materials can be properly disposed of.

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