Frequently Asked Questions

Any government agency, private company, individual or non-profit organization that is located in Tennessee is eligible to apply. Eligible projects must create beneficial end uses for Tennessee scrap tires.  Applicants must be in compliance with all federal, state and local laws to be eligible. 

Any project outside the Tennessee state line or projects that do not use Tennessee scrap tires.  Projects that do not demonstrate a verified and good return on investment (i.e., number of tires recycled vs. funds/dollars requested) will also be considered ineligible.  Any project that involves Tennessee scrap tires being landfilled will not be eligible for TEAP funding.

Applications will be accepted for three categories of project types: tire recycling, tire-derived material use, and research and development.

The minimum amount of funding that can be requested is $10,000.00 and the maximum amount that can be requested is $750,000.

Examples of funded projects can be found on the left navigation bar on the TEAP web page or by clicking here.

TDEC will answer questions concerning tire recycling projects eligibility and provide limited information about similar projects successes and/or failures.  TDEC will not provide economic advice or the feasibility of a project being profitable.  Feasibility studies are recommended and are the responsibility of the applicant.

Projects may begin after the Grantee is notified by State that the grant contract has been fully executed.  Any work performed outside of the contract term will not be reimbursed.

Grantee will have three years from the effective date of the project contract to complete the project (unless a longer contract length is approved by TDEC). Contract terms may be extended upon justification and request. Projects must be completed by the end date set out in the executed contract. Work performed after the executed contract end date will not be reimbursable.

Payment of project expenses takes place on a reimbursement basis. The Grantee must make payments for work completed and then submit required invoice documentation to TDEC for payment.

Payments will be made electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH).  Grantees will be required to provide account information in order to receive a grant reimbursement.

Grant funds may not be used for architecture and engineering services.

Grantees are responsible for the continued operation and maintenance of the project, if appropriate and as specified in the grant contract.  It is required by the contract that grantees must submit a quarterly report for Tennessee tires that have been sent to beneficial end-market use. The reports will be required for a period of time designated by TDEC.

The funding is not federal funding so Davis-Bacon does not apply. However, if the project involves a state highway construction project as defined by Tennessee Code Annotated § 12-4-402, then the Prevailing Wage Act for State Highway Construction Projects does apply.

No. (Limit only one application per entity, per location at a given time.)

If an applicant has an open contract with the TDEC from a previous TEAP grant round, then the applicant can’t apply.  If the applicant’s previous project has been physically complete for more than 30 days and has been approved as complete by TDEC, then the applicant can apply.

Reporting required for the grant application will include origin of tires (proof of Tennessee tires being processed) and quantities of tires going to beneficial end-market use (proof of end use destinations).