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Tennessee Radon Poster Contest

Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that naturally occurs in soil and can accumulate in homes and other buildings. Exposure to elevated levels of radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking and is the number one cause of death in homes. Elevated levels of radon have been found in every county in Tennessee and this contest provides an opportunity to educate Tennessee youth and the general public regarding radon. Participation allows students an opportunity to learn about radon and reduce their risk of radiation exposure.

This contest is open to all Tennessee citizens ages 9-14 to develop a radon educational poster to increase public awareness of the effects of radon and encourage home testing. A committee will select the top 3 posters to receive awards. Winners will be showcased in the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Catalyst newsletter, on the State Website, and in the National Radon Action Month Press Release in January.

  • 1st place - Prize valued at $250.00 for the student with the winning submission. Plus a subscription to The Tennessee Conservationist for the winning school/program.
  • 2nd place - Prize valued at $150.00 for the second place student submission. Plus a subscription to The Tennessee Conservationist for the second place school/program.
  • 3rd place - Prize valued at $75.00 for the third place student submission. Plus a subscription to The Tennessee Conservationist for the third place school/program.

*Check back soon for prize details*

Full contest details and for more information on radon please visit our website at or email with any questions.

Contest Checklist

  • Entry form attached to back of each poster
  • All information and spelling has been checked for errors
  • Entry submitted or postmarked before December 15, 2021
  • Entry submitted by online submission form (see below), or by mail or email to:

TN Radon Poster Contest

312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue

William R. Snodgrass TN Tower 2nd Floor

Nashville, TN  37243


Poster topic ideas:

What is radon?

Testing your home

Where does radon come from?

Radon causes lung cancer             

Criteria for judges

Accuracy of content


Correct spelling



  • Ages 9-14
  • Enrolled in a public, private, or home school in the state of Tennessee
  • Students name must not be written on the front of the poster
  • All information on registration form must be filled out and taped to back of poster
  • Artistic mediums can include, pencil, pen, crayon, marker, collage, photographs and digital media.
  • Must be original
  • Lettering and images must be large enough to be reproduced
  • Copyrighted characters, products, logos, and brand names cannot be used
  • Must be received or postmarked by December 15, 2021.

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