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FAQs and Resources

What if I need environmental permits as a result of the mentoring program?

Answer: Please refer to this Environmental Permitting Guide provided by the Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices..

Will I receive a notice of violation from TDEC if I submit a permit application for a previously unpermitted process or activity?

Answer: The TDEC Self Policing or Self Disclosure Policy is a policy that encourages a business that discovers they have an issue such as not having a permit or a similar that would otherwise result in a violation, to self disclose that issue. It does not cover issues that are included as conditions within a permit..

Am I under any obligation to implement a proposed project that would involve significant capital?

Answer: No. The mentoring process is not intended to be onerous in any way to either the mentor or mentee.

May I terminate the mentoring relationship for any reason?

Answer: Yes. Once mentoring pairs are established a mentoring agreement document will be made available for each party to sign. This allows for the mentor to terminate the relationship as well.

What is the cost of the program?

Answer: None. This program is considered an essential piece of furthering Tennessee as a leader in sustainability. The Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices is committed to providing guidance and personnel to this effort.

What level of commitment (time, resources, personnel) will be expected?

Answer: The mentoring agreement between the mentoring industry, the mentee and the OPSP is intended to be non-binding yet provide an expectation for each party to commit to agreed upon projects. Therefore, the commitment of time and resources will be unique to each mentoring relationship.

Who will my mentor be?

Answer: The OPSP Business Team will pair the mentee industry with the most appropriate mentoring industry based upon similar business/industry type, and successes by mentor candidates that most align with the needs of the mentee.

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