Materials Management Solutions

The Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices (OPSP) is embracing the circular economy by offering direct assistance to Tennessee industries, businesses and organizations. OPSP can provide technical assistance and networking with service providers throughout the state to assist with repurposing and reuse of discarded materials. This assistance will be to facilitate materials management solutions through materials research, limited logistics and potential connection with solutions.

Recent industry surveys conducted by OPSP and other organizations, such as the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development and ING Financial Holdings Corporation have shown that there is a consensus among United States companies that current sustainable practices do not go far enough. Nearly twice as many US businesses embedded sustainability in strategic decision making in 2019 as in 2018. A significant component of sustainability is the strategic and intentional management of material either internally or within a network of industries, service providers and materials handlers.

Most facilities that OPSP has surveyed in 2017 to 2020 all have plans to achieve zero waste to landfill within 5 years. The reuse of materials discards, liquid, hazardous or non-hazardous have many obstacles including vendor capabilities, lack of monetary commitment and issues with materials substitutions. Often, products specifications are such that they require non-recyclable materials. 

What is materials management?

Materials management is a strategy that encompasses recycling as well as waste reduction, the reuse of materials and at times the substitution of one material for a more sustainable one. Industries can network together in Tennessee to manage materials such as pallets or IBC totes or utilize liquid waste products, in some cases, as animal feed or as supplemental treatment for local utilities’ wastewater treatment Materials management can involve direct industry couplings or through recycling vendors. Smaller businesses can benefit from the direct reuse of materials like pallets or shipping containers. The OPSP can provide a network of partners for the many industrial clusters in Tennessee.  


Technical Assistance

OPSP’s Business Team provides technical assistance and guidance on materials  strategies for all business. For assistance with materials reuse questions, please contact Vaughn Cassidy. Vaughn works primarily with Tennessee industry to assist with repurposing and reuse of discarded materials. He can provide technical assistance and industry contacts throughout the state to facilitate materials solutions, recycling or repurposing, including limited assistance with logistics and regulatory requirements.

Tennessee Materials Marketplace

The Tennessee Materials Marketplace is our collaborative platform to facilitate solutions. The platform is the major tool for the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development and won the Digital Disruptor Award at the World Economic Forum in 2017.

The TMM serves as a tool to interact and network with other industries and businesses to reuse, repurpose, recycle and return discarded materials to the economy. Click to learn more.

Vaughn Cassidy


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Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices


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