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Request for Information

Beneficiaries under the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust must develop a high-level Beneficiary Mitigation Plan (BMP), summarizing how the beneficiary plans to use the mitigation funds. On December 12, 2017, TDEC released a Request for Information (RFI) to seek cost information on eligible mitigation actions, in order to inform Tennessee's BMP. Responses are due to TDEC by January 23, 2018 at 11:59 PM CST. To respond to this RFI, please submit the requested information for any or all project types outlined within the attached Excel Workbook, titled “Cost Information Workbook for TDEC VW RFI,” to with the subject line "Response to TDEC VW RFI." Please note that an eligible mitigation action project type’s inclusion within the Cost Information Workbook is not indicative of a decision to fund such project type in the future.

Under the Environmental Mitigation Trust, the Trustee may only disburse funds for Eligible Mitigation Actions and Eligible Mitigation Action Administrative Expenditures specified in Appendix D-2 to the Executed Environmental Mitigation State Beneficiary Trust Agreement. Please refer to this document for additional information, including definitions of certain terms. For eligible project types under the Diesel Emission Reduction Act Option, please reference the DERA Option Factsheet for States, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.


Please note: This RFI is not a solicitation for projects. Submitting a response to this RFI is voluntary and is not a prerequisite for responding to any future solicitation for projects issued by TDEC with regard to the State's allocation under the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust  funds. All questions concerning this RFI should be directed to the TDEC Office of Energy Programs via email with the subject line, "Questions on TDEC VW RFI."