Tennessee Electric Vehicle Advisory Council

OEP coordinates and participates as a member of TEVAC, a statewide stakeholder organization that meets on a quarterly basis to discuss issues related to electric vehicles (EVs), including market developments, infrastructure planning and installation, and vehicle adoption in Tennessee. TEVAC consists of representatives from the auto manufacturing, utility, research, public, and nonprofit sectors and serves as a resource through which members share research and data on EVs to inform best practices. As an example, TEVAC’s input has informed and will continue to inform OEP’s strategies related to the development of alternative fuel corridors, deployment of EVs and related infrastructure, and responses to solicitations for public comment under the Volkswagen Diesel Settlement National Zero Emission Vehicle Investment Plan.

Contact Alexa Voytek, OEP Energy Programs Administrator, at Alexa.Voytek@tn.gov or 615-613-1096 to learn more.