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K-12 Tennessee Energy Education Network


The primary goal of the Tennessee Energy Education Network (TEEN) is to engage K-12 students in learning the science of energy and applying what they learn using the school as a real world lab. In turn, students will gain an interest in energy and educate their schools and communities regarding energy conservation, alternative and renewable energy resources, etc. TEEN also seeks to build content knowledge, especially as related to the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects, and encourages students to pursue career paths in energy and related fields.


  • Assist educators with teaching the science of energy under STEM subjects.
  • Build student leaders by involving them in energy conservation activities in school, home and the community.
  • Conduct Energy Education Camps/Workshops for K-12 Educators.
  • Coordinate and network with complementary programs.

TEEN Topics and Activities

Energy Education Camps & Workshops for K-12 Educators

National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project


Angela McGee

TEEN Program Coordinator / Director
Programs Administrator, TDEC Office of Energy Programs