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Tennessee Energy Education Initiative

Launched in March 2013, the Tennessee Energy Education Initiative (TEEI) is a collaboration of several energy resource organizations that provides in-depth training and educational tools to support the implementation of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy management projects in all sectors.  TEEI connects Tennessee governmental entities, non-profits, businesses, and industry with the right resources, expertise, and potential funding options for such projects. 

As the lead for TEEI, OEP produces content for the TEEI website, distributes a monthly newsletter to subscribers of the TEEI list serve, and coordinates and co-hosts events under the TEEI initiative. 

For event updates, blog posts, and more information, be sure to check out To join the TEEI list serve, please contact Alexa Voytek in TDEC’s Office of Energy Programs at 615-741-2994 or



Alexa Voytek

Program Manager, TDEC Office of Energy Programs