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Pre-Proposals due for U.S. DOE Geothermal Research and Development Funding Opportunity

September 13, 2019


September 13, 2019

8:00 am CST

As part of its new membership with GEOTHERMICA (a transnational consortium that combines financial resources and research expertise to demonstrate and validate novel concepts in geothermal energy use), U.S. DOE announced that it will contribute up to $2 million in funding to advance geothermal research and development. Collectively, participating nations (the United States, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Germany, France, Turkey, Portugal, Ireland, Romania, Italy, and Slovenia) will work to optimize geothermal direct-use and power generation, including development of innovative, integrated, and combined systems. GEOTHERMICA encourages consortia with a wide geographic spectrum to apply, requiring that eligible consortia represent at least three participating countries. Consortia may consist of applicants and partners from companies, research organizations, universities and higher education institutions, industry organizations, local/regional governments, and non-government organizations. GEOTHERMICA focuses on three technological themes, which cover all stages in the development cycle of a secure, sustainable, competitive, and affordable geothermal installation:

  • Identification and assessment of geothermal resources suitable for direct use and power generation;
  • Geothermal resource development (drilling, completion, materials, and equipment); and
  • Supply and smart integration into energy systems and operations.

Pre-proposals must be submitted by 13:00 UTC (8:00 AM CT) on September 13, 2019. Full proposals will be accepted until 13:00 UTC on January 31, 2020. Click here to learn more about the funding opportunity. Apply at