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Presentation Guidelines

Contributed Papers

Presentations should address current or recent research pertaining to archaeology in the state of Tennessee. Presentations must be limited to fifteen (15) minutes. Please note that papers will be accepted on a “first come, first serve” basis due to the limited number of presentation slots.


Posters should address current or recent archaeological research in the state of Tennessee. There are no restrictions regarding poster format or size, but space will be limited to one table per poster. Posters should have some type of backing so they can stand on their own, or lean against the wall.

Use of Tables

Tables are for the convenience of poster displays and other uses as determined by the organizers. Due to the increasing number of poster requests, the organizers ask that individuals refrain from using the tables to display, distribute, or sell literature, wares, merchandise, etc. without explicit permission from the organizers.

PowerPoint Presentations

A LCD projector and IBM-compatible laptop will be available for PowerPoint presentations. Requests to use the equipment must be submitted with the title and abstract. Presenters using the equipment must either provide the PowerPoint file prior to the meeting (via e-mail or CD) or plan to arrive by 7:30 am on Saturday with a CD or flash-drive containing the presentation to be loaded on the laptop. Presenters should be aware that special animation schemes vary by the version of PowerPoint and may not be compatible with the version provided.


Phil Hodge

State Archaeologist and Director, Tennessee Division of Archaeology

Kevin E. Smith

Professor of Anthropology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Middle Tennessee State University,