Fire Training Requirements

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Division of Air Pollution Control Live Fire Training Requirements


The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Air Pollution Control open burning regulations include an exception for fires set by, or at the direction of, responsible fire control persons solely for training purposes. Such open burning is subject to certain conditions found at Tennessee Air Pollution Control Regulations (TAPCR) 1200-03-04.

When a structure is considered for live fire training, the DAPC recommends that the Fire Control Agency complete the following steps in the order that they appear:

  1. Complete a thorough asbestos inspection on the acquired structure.
  2. If fire training will proceed, submit the intent to demolish notification to the Division.  Remember, the notification must be submitted no fewer than ten (10) working days prior to beginning demolition activities regardless of if asbestos is present. Notification forms (CN-1055) are available here and may be submitted electronically to
  3. Remove all asbestos containing material in accordance with Federal, State, and Local requirements. 
  4. Remove all vinyl siding, carpet, vinyl flooring, asphalt roofing materials, and any other materials expressly prohibited in Rule 1200-03-04-.03. Note that incidental plastic or rubber materials which are an integral part of a structure used for fire training, such as plastic plumbing, fixtures, and conduit; electrical wiring insulation, connections, switches, and fixtures; interior trim; glues and resins in manufactured wood products; and vinyl window and door frames do not have to be removed. 
  5. Submit the certification required by Rule 1200-03-04-.04(1)(c) to the DAPC at the appropriate regional TDEC Field Office at least ten (10) working days prior to commencing the burn.  DAPC staff will contact you to schedule a site visit after your certification has been received.  The proposed structure will be evaluated for compliance with the requirements of the Rule. 

Fire Departments located in Davidson, Hamilton, Knox, and Shelby counties should contact their local air pollution control program before conducting fire training exercises:

Davidson County:

Hamilton County:

Knox County:

Shelby County:

General questions related to asbestos identification and removal should be directed to the DAPC NESHAP Program at 615-532-6828.  Questions related to the disposal of demolition debris, including asbestos containing material, should be directed to the TDEC Division of Solid Waste Management at 615-532-0780 or