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Air Permits

Air Quality Construction Permit

Unless specifically exempted, any person wishing to construct an air contaminant source or to modify an existing air contaminant source is required to obtain a construction permit from the Division of Air Pollution Control.

Non-Title V Operating Permit

Unless specifically exempted, persons planning to operate an air contaminant source require an operating permit from the Division of Air Pollution Control.

Notification of Asbestos Demolition or Renovation

Persons involved with the removal of Regulated Asbestos-Containing Material (RACM) during facility renovation and/or demolition must file a notification with the Division of Air Pollution Control.

Title V Operating Permit

A Title V Operating Permit is required of companies that have operations involving a major air contaminant source.

Permit By Rule

Permit-by-Rule is a new, faster, and less expensive method of permitting from the TN Division of Air Pollution Control (APC).