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Tennessee Sustainable Spirits Program Announces Three New Members

Monday, December 21, 2020 | 10:07am

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) has announced three new members to Tennessee Sustainable Spirits (TNSS), a program aimed at reducing environmental impact and operational costs associated with energy and natural resource use by wineries, wine growers, breweries, and distilleries.

The new members are:

  • East Nashville Beer Works in Nashville
  • Chattanooga Whiskey in Chattanooga
  • Arrington Vineyards in Williamson County

"We love the opportunity to recognize facilities and industries that go above and beyond in their commitment to sustainability and are excited to publicly announce our newest members of the Sustainable Spirits program.” Kendra Abkowitz, director of the TDEC Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices, said.

Producing world-class distilled spirits, beer, and wine involves water and energy while generating unique byproducts. Water is the single most important resource used by the beer, whiskey and wine businesses, as it is the main ingredient for each beverage.

The industry’s reliance on water means Tennessee’s spirits producers often have an appreciation for access to high quality and abundant water resources. This appreciation spurs action to promote conservation and pollution prevention measures, such as installation of innovative technology or equipment and pursuit of efficient processes or engaging in local waterway cleanups.

Additionally, in these businesses, electric motors, chillers, and lighting systems require a high demand of energy to produce the final products. Energy efficiency plays a vital role in the production process and the ability to utilize energy efficiently and sustainably is important for reducing pollution associated with energy use.

East Nashville Beer Works is a 15-barrel brewhouse with an on-site tasting room centered on community and family. It utilizes tankless water heaters, robust clean-in-place practices, and efficient temperature control which allows it to reduce its energy footprint.

“We are very excited to be part of the Tennessee Sustainable Spirits program,” Anthony Davis, president of East Nashville Beer Works, said. “There are many things you just can’t think about when focused on your day-to-day operation. The program provides solid data and takeaways to make your business more sustainable and efficient in the days to come.”

Chattanooga Whiskey produces 1,200-2,000 barrels of whiskey and other distilled spirits every year. Locally sourced ingredients, efficient heating and cooling systems, and wastewater management are just a few of the reasons why Chattanooga Whiskey makes the perfect member to the TNSS program.

"As a relatively young craft distillery, we’re extremely passionate about finding ways to improve both our products and our processes,” Grant McCracken, head distiller and chief product officer for Chattanooga Whiskey, said. “It’s easy to get tunnel vision, though, and overlook some of the more holistic impacts of our business on the people, land and natural resources around us. We’re therefore proud to be part of the TNSS program, which gives us greater access to technical resources and best practices in these areas, with the goal of improving the sustainability of our products and processes for years to come."

Arrington Vineyards in Williamson County grows grapes and produces fine wine on its 25-acre property surrounded by vineyards. What’s unique about Arrington Vineyards is that all wastewater is treated and managed on-site. The ability to manage nearly all byproducts on-site or within a few miles makes it a great addition to the TNSS program.

“Arrington Vineyards works to be part of the Sustainable Spirits membership program to continue our practices that are environmentally friendly,” Chase Vienneau, wine maker for Arrington Vineyards, said. “It's very important to be as sustainable as possible to benefit our environment, wine quality and operational efficiency. Philosophically, Arrington Vineyards strives to be good stewards of this unique wine-growing area in Arrington, Tennessee.”

The Tennessee Sustainable Spirits program is open to all wineries and wine growers, breweries, and distilleries in Tennessee. For more information on the program or how to apply, click here.

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