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Bridgestone APM Part of TDEC's Green Star Partnership

Thursday, July 26, 2018 | 08:36am

NASHVILLE – Dickson-based Bridgestone APM Company, a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, is the latest inductee to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s (TDEC) Green Star Partnership for their exemplary environmental actions in manufacturing.

“Bridgestone APM’s waste reduction and energy efficiency practices result in improved air quality and demonstrate the company’s dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship,” said Kendra Abkowitz, TDEC assistant commissioner of the Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices. “TDEC is pleased to have Bridgestone APM join our efforts to reduce environmental impacts associated with manufacturing.”

Bridgestone APM Company specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of vibration isolation, energy absorbing and foam seat components for the automotive industry. Since 2014, the plant has worked to reduce the amount of waste left over from their manufacturing process that is sent to the landfill.

“We are honored to be selected as an environmental steward by the state of Tennessee,” said Joe Clark, vice president, Corporate Quality & Risk Control, Bridgestone APM. “Achieving this level of environmental excellence is a testament to all employees, from leadership to the plant floor, who embrace our company’s commitment to balancing business operations with environmental stewardship.”

The plant has eliminated approximately 23 tons of volatile organic compounds emissions by switching from solvent glue to water-based glue, promoting better air quality. In 2015, the facility was able to redirect polyurethane waste to a company that re-blends it for use in carpet padding. A total of 4,000 lbs. was reused in this manner and eliminated from the waste stream in 2017 alone.

Other positive environmental measures taken include recycling 22,000 lbs. of scrap cloth in 2017 and replacing fluorescent lighting fixtures with LED bulbs to reduce energy usage.

About the Tennessee Green Star Partnership

The Tennessee Green Star Partnership is an environmental leadership program that recognizes manufacturers that are committed to sustainability and exhibit continuous improvement throughout their entire operation. To become a member in the Tennessee Green Star Partnership, an industry or business must operate under an active ISO 14001 certification, and/or an environmental management
system, that conforms to ISO 14001, and must have a minimum of three years of exceptional environmental compliance with TDEC. For more information, visit

About Bridgestone APM

Bridgestone APM Company is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation – the world’s largest manufacturer of tires and rubber products. The company’s fourth plant was constructed in Dickson, TN in 2004. The Foam Products Division manufactures foam seating and energy absorbent pads for the North American automotive industry. For more information, visit