Recycling Rebates

Division of Solid Waste Management

Eligible Applicants:

The Recycling Rebate provides a rebate against the amount due to the state under the state tipping fee surcharge to the five (5) most populous counties according to annual estimated census released in April by the United States Census Bureau.  The following Recycling Rebate counties and cities within those counties are eligible for the recycling rebates: Davidson, Hamilton, Knox, Rutherford, and Shelby.

Eligible Projects:

Recycling rebates are in lieu of grants to purchase recycling equipment. With this in mind, some portion of the rebate should be directed to supporting recycling equipment purchases that will increase tonnage collection and processing capacity or to promote public understanding of recycling. 

Funding & Matching Requirements:

The Department has allocated $500,000 for recycling rebates for Fiscal Year 2016-17.  Rebate recipients are required to provide a dollar-for dollar match for funds requested.  Matching costs will be documented at the time of reimbursement of eligible costs.  Each county’s allocation of funding is based on the formula in T.C.A. §68-211-825 (b).  A city’s allocation is based on population within the county. 

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