Tennessee Wars Commission Grant Fund

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Wars Commission, the Tennessee Historical Commission program devoted to preserving the state’s significant military history, has announced that they will begin accepting grant applications on September 1, 2023, for the Tennessee Wars Commission Grant Fund (TWCGF).

The Tennessee Wars Commission Grant Fund provides funding for the preservation, protection, promotion, and interpretation of Tennessee’s military heritage ranging from the French and Indian War through the American Civil War. In 2023, the Tennessee Wars Commission awarded a total of $129,200.00 to five applicants. Last year’s projects focused on telling the African American story during the Civil War, artifact recordation of Fort Negley’s Bass Street community, database creation of Nashville’s Civil War death records, cemetery restoration, reproduction artillery, and the creation of a museum exhibit focused on the Mexican-American War.

Since 1994, this grant program has funded approximately one hundred twenty different projects preserving and interpreting the military legacy of Tennessee and Tennesseans. “The Wars Commission grant fund is an opportunity for Tennessee communities to enhance their war-related history through the preservation, acquisition, interpretation, and archaeology, of sites and structures related to the various wars, furthering our collective knowledge of these historical sites and events,” said Wars Commission Program Director, Nina Scall.

While matching funding is not mandatory for the TWCGF, it is highly encouraged.  The deadline for submissions is November 19, 2023.  The grant application process is digital.  Create an account and complete the application at https://tdec.smartsimple.com/s_Login.jsp.

For questions regarding the grant process or application procedure, contact Nina Scall, Program Director of the Tennessee Wars Commission via email Nina.Scall@tn.gov.  

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